Singapore Business Loan & Commercial Loan

Financial services Business loan is an extremely important source of funding for Singapore SME companies.

It allows a business to survive in down time, expand and develop a new business when the opportunities come. When a SME company needs extra funding to add inventory, expand the company overseas, purchase new machineries or finance slower times, you might encounter difficulties getting credit from a lender or bank.

There are many reasons why your applications are rejected. The common reasons include low creditworthiness (eg. late credit card payment & bounced cheques), incomplete documents, low sales turn over and bank guideline / policy changes.

With Novalink's experience, we are able to help your business overcome various daunting obstacles and complexities of the commercial loan application process. On top of that, it is our job to source from multiple finance sources in Singapore to ensure that you get the best loan package with the best interest rates.

There are several options for funding your business: Micro Loan, Term Loan, Overdraft, Factoring, Mortgage and Refinance. We also offer value-added financial services such as risk management and corporate insurance ensuring your business is properly protected.

In the event that for your company is unable to secure business fundings from banks, we can arrange to link you up with other financing partners that offers alternative funding solution such as Invoice Financing, Merchant Cash Advance and Trade Lines.

Singapore SME Loan

Marketing Services

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of growing your business.

Businesses today need to be extra attentive with their marketing efforts in order to reach customers and raise awareness. We provide effective marketing services from direct mailing service to mass faxing services, database marketing and email marketing services.

Customer Testimonials

" Mere words cannot express enough of my appreciation for your excellent work. "


Why You Need Novalink
High Approval Rate

Maximize approval rate

Different banks has different rating criteria, we know the right things to say as well as right documents to submit.
Attractive Loan package

Better loan package

We know what the banks and financial institutes looking for, We know to whom we should talk to.
Hassle-free Application

Hassle-free application

We will work with all the potential lenders and banks spontaneously.
Shorter Processing Time

Faster processing time

We review all your documents carefully to speed up the processing time and avoid frustrations.
Professional Consulting Service

Value added service without extra cost

We only charge your company upon loan approval. No hidden cost.