About Us

Novalink Consulting LLP is an independent loan consultant based in Singapore. As an independent licensed loan agent, we work closely with local and foreign banks to facilitate the acquisition of loans for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME).

At Novalink, we specialize in building customized loan assessment to meet your business needs. Our mission is to provide a Fast, Secure, Reliable and Hassle free application process. We source the best deals from different banks, perform loan comparisons and credit checks, taking care of all paper works on your behalf. We pride ourselves with offering our clients a friendly and personalized service.

Besides offering a suite of financial service, we also provide practical marketing advice. Whether you need a business loan or marketing effort to grow your business, Novalink consultants are ready to assist. Let us link you with the right source!

5 REASONS : Why You Need Novalink

  1. Maximize approval rate

    Different banks has different rating criteria, we know the right things to say as well as right documents to submit. we are committed to a high quality screening process to ensure your submissions of applications for greater success

  2. Better Loan package

    We look through all business loans packages provided by different banks and finance institutes in Singapore to negotiate the best loan package with the best interest rate for you..

  3. Hassle-free Application

    We will work with all the potential lenders spontaneously and we will handle most of your communication with all lenders to save yourself time and frustration.

  4. Faster processing time

    We know what the banks and financial institutes looking for, We know to whom we should talk to and we ensure all documents submitted makes sense, consistent and sufficient.

  5. Value added service without extra cost

    We only charge your company upon loan approval. No hidden cost. We still provide free risk management service such as free review your corporate covering package.