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Merchant Cash Advance / Invoice Factoring
  • No collateral required
  • No Balance sheet required
  • No fixed repayment term
  • High approval rate


Alternative Funding Solution

We understand how difficult it can be for businesses to obtain bank loans, particularly in the current business environment. Why not consider the following alternatives.

Invoice Factoring / Invoice Financing

Unlike conventional lending sources, like banks and factors, This Invoice Factoring solution is very user friendly. It involves no long-term commitments or recurring monthly minimum invoice discounting volume requirements. You sell them accounts receivable only when you need cash. You do not have to sell them a minimum amount of receivables each month or sell them receivables every month for a one- or two-year contractual period. If you only need a one-time funding, they can provide it.

This solution essentially converts a sale with 30 to 45-day payment terms into a “cash- on-delivery” sale. As a result, you have the funds needed to finance your next sale immediately – not 30 to 45 days later – and/or to take advantage of vendor discounts (by paying earlier or buying larger quantities). This way you can increase your sales and revenues, accelerate your growth and lower your costs, increasing your profitability..

Their review and approval process does not focus exclusively on your balance sheet and how long you are in the business. They focus more on the financial strength of your customers (the account debtors) -- of those businesses who have an obligation to pay your invoices.

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Merchant Cash Advance

It is a "Sale and Purchase" transaction. You "sell" your future credit and debit card sales to them, and they "buy" these future sales at a discounted price, and this price is paid to you in the form of the Merchant Cash Advance (CASH). If your business accepts Visa/Mastercard or Nets payments, then you can apply for this special financing service. MCA is not a loan product. So, there is no fixed daily or monthly payment amounts, and there is no fixed payment terms.

They provide a cash advance to your business and in return you sell them a fixed amount of your future credit and debit card transactions. They then take a fixed percentage of your daily card sales directly from your card processing bank. So the amount paid to them will be based on your actual daily credit and debit card sales. It is very flexible and convenient, and completely aligned to your business - they only get paid when you get paid!

The MCA has No fixed payment term, No fixed daily, weekly or monthly payment amounts, No deposits needed, No collateral needed.

The amount you can qualify for depends on your monthly card sales. We need 6 months of card statements to review and determine the monthly average. GMF will then set the maximum cash amount based on that average, as well as the percentage of sales your business does on cards versus cash. If your business is seasonal, or has high volatility within the 6 months of credit card volumes, we may ask to see credit card statements going back longer than 6 months.