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Singapore Micro Loan, SME Loan & Bridging Loan


Singapore Micro Loan / SME Loan

Micro loan is a small business loan designed for Singapore SME companies. It is offered by banks in conjunction with SPRING Singapore. The loan amount can be as low as S$20,000.

SPRING Singapore is an agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry responsible for helping Singapore enterprises grow and building trust in Singapore products and services. SPRING Singapore helps the Local Singapore SMEs to grow faster through financing schemes such as the Local Enterprise Financial Scheme (LEFS) which help pave the way to business success.

The LEFS Micro Loan Scheme is designed to help the smaller SMEs secure financing which can be used for purchasing of equipment, machinery, inventory, increase of manpower or meeting working capital requirements.

This Micro Loan Scheme is a low cost financing programme offered under the Local Enterprise Financial Scheme (LEFS). It is collateral free. The maximum loan exposure under this programme is S$100,000 per company.

The maximum tenure for this Micro Loan Scheme is four years and the effective interest rate is at 5.75%


  1. Must be Singapore registered SME company and at least 1 years in business
  2. Annual turnover S$150K and more
  3. You have 0 - 10 employees
  4. Minimum 30% shareholding by Singaporean or Singapore PR
No more than 2 return cheques in 6 months

LEFS BRIDGING / V-LOAN BRIDGING LOAN - termainated since Feb 2011

The LEFS Singapore Bridging Loan is designed to help local enterprises gain access to short-term financing to augment their working capital requirement needs. The maximum tenure for this loan is two years and the minimum effective interest rate is at 5.50%. The maximum loan exposure under this programme is S$500,000


How To Apply Micro Loan

Call and meet our consultants for professional advice.

Bring the following supporting documents for the meeting

  1. Bank Statement
  2. Financial statements
  3. Personal income tax assessment of owners and directors
Email Our Consultants

How Much Can You Borrow

Up to 100K for Singapore Micro Loan